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So on Friday I am going to buy a Samsung Galaxy S II.
I hope there is a Deviant Art for android. It will be my first time ever having a phone with apps.
(Blackberry doesn't count because it SUCKS) I am feeling so lonely lately. I feel more like myself when I have no clothes on.
I've been feeling super sexual these last few months.
I am not entirely sure why.
I miss someone terribly and I would do anything to get them back, but it is too late.
Maybe that's why.
You're no good for me, but I want you.
Hate how that works.
Anyway, love you guys. Thank you for all your endless support <3
I hope to upload more artistic photos in the future, rather than all these half-naked ones.

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Hey you guys!
Crazy crazy moment!
I ACTUALLY updated my Deviant Art!!!!
So go comment on some of my new stuff! Heck, go comemnt on some old stuff! <3 I'd be VERY happy!
How is everyone? I am great!
I put ALL my photos into groups. Although the groups aren't in uploaded order (sad) but yeah!
I don't know if that is even possible? Is there an option to Auto order them in groups?

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Slowly getting my life together.
  • Drinking: Tea
yet, i still have nothing to say....
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Hey there! How're you?
I am fine thanks. So lately I have had many great ideas and I have shot many things. I hope to take things to the next level someday.
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